Flip it in 2018! The County Democratic Committee Barbecue

The Coastside Democratic Club was a sponsor of this event dedicated to enhancing the chances for Democrats in this fall’s election. Many members of the Club board were in attendance, along with numerous supporters. Most of our elected officials stopped by to say hello to the Club: Assemblyman Marc Berman, Senator Jerry Hill, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, and more. 

A great group! Left to right standing: Harvey Rarback, Meg Fried, Brigid O’Farrell, Senator Jerry Hill, Fran Pollard, Assemblyman Marc Berman, Kathy Klein, Deborah Penrose, April Vargas. Kneeling: Terri Train and Club President Doreen Gerrity.


Assemblyman Marc Berman                                                                         Senator Jerry Hill


Assemblyman Kevin Mullin ,                                            Las Alas, from Half Moon Bay, performing at the event