Results of Endorsement Meeting

The Coastside Democratic Club would like to present the results of its endorsement meeting. It is said that Democracy is messy – our process resulted in an endorsement only for Senate candidate Josh Becker, whom the club endorsed enthusiastically. There were no endorsements for local candidates. However, we do believe the process was valuable for our members. There were two good candidates for many of the seats, and our members had different priorities and split their votes.

Participants read the statements from the candidates, heard them speak, and were able to ask them questions. Members had the option to vote to endorse candidates, vote for “no endorsement”, or to decline to vote in each race. In order to be endorsed, 60% of the voting members needed to vote for any candidate. We are proud that we were able to bring additional insights to our members and provide a fair process for endorsement.

Here are the results:

City Council of Half Moon Bay, District 3
No endorsement
Adam Eisen: 57%
No endorsement: 43%
Cabrillo Unified School District, Area D
No endorsement
Sophia Layne: 49%
Yvonne Seeley: 37%
No endorsement: 14%
San Mateo Community College District, Area 1
No endorsement
Lisa Petrides: 59.459%
Eugene Whitlock: 29.7%
No endorsement: 10.8%
SM County Harbor District, District 4
No endorsement
Lee Fernandez: 6%
No endorsement: 94%
State Senate
Endorsed by the Club
Josh Becker: 100%