Coastside Democrats Annual Club Membership Meeting on May 19th

Join us for our Annual Membership meeting.  Guest Speaker will be County Supervisor Ray Mueller.  We will also run a Club election for next year’s Board.

As required by the Club Bylaws, the Board appointed a nominating committee, which consisted of Peihua Ku, April Vargas, and Harvey Rarback. They did an excellent job and are proposing the following candidates for next year’s board:

Barbara Dye, President; Tyler Stone, Vice President; Claire Giovannetti, Secretary; John Dye, Treasurer; at large (3 positions): Barbara Lohman, Cid Young, Maryann Moise, Robert Brownstone.

Nominations for all positions can be made from the floor and require two seconds. Candidates will have one minute each to introduce themselves. The vote will be by paper ballot, and will be tallied by long-time club members. Only members in good standing can vote.