March in the Pride Parade with the Coastside Democrats!

Join the Coastside Democrats on Sunday 11 June to march in the Pride parade.  Meet at Filbert and Purism Street in Half Moon Bay at 12 noon.

Thank you, Kathy, April, and Belinda.

We want to extend a big thank-you to the departing board members who have served the Club long and well. Kathy Klein has served in many capacities, as president and vice president, organizing special events and speakers, and hosting fabulous parties and events at the home she shares with husband Rich. April Vargas has served as president and vice president, has kept the club connected to the County and State Democratic parties, and has stalwartly organized and run voter registration events. Belinda Arriaga has supported the club’s activities and has brought her connections to many important groups on the Coastside. We thank them for all their efforts!

Annual Members’ Meeting and Executive Board Election on Sunday 21 May 1pm


Every May we host our Annual Members Meeting where we hear from an engaging guest speaker and elect the club’s Executive Board. The meeting will be on zoom and the voting will take place via email, as we’ve done for the past 4 years.

Click here to renew your membership and continue receiving our newsletter and invitations to meetings! If you donate now, you will be a member through the spring of 2024. You must be a member in good standing to vote at the Annual Meeting.

We’re very happy to welcome Jenny Walter, a founding member of Coast Pride and current President of their board, to speak with our members and answer questions about her organization and the work they do along the Coastside. She was the first Co-Chair of the San Mateo Co LGBTQ Commission. Jenny is also an attorney who initiated and consulted on the documentary called Tribal Justice, served as lead counsel to the California Tribal Court−State Court Forum, and developed statewide policies relating to children, youth, families and concurrent jurisdiction of tribal and state courts. We look forward to hearing more about the local work she does and how we can all become part of it.

Find out more about CoastPride, bringing together the San Mateo Coastside in support of our LGBTQ community.

Coastside Victims Fund


On January 23, 2023, seven farmworkers were shot and killed in a mass shooting that took place at Terra Garden in Half Moon Bay, Calif. and Concord Farms in nearby San Mateo County, Calif. One individual was critically injured and dozens more were traumatized by the incident. All of the victims were farmworkers; all of the victims were the breadwinners for their families.

The dual shootings occurred at local farms that employed and housed farmworkers and farmworkers’ families. In the immediate aftermath of the violence, 18 households were displaced as the workplaces where the workers and their families lived turned into crime scenes.

Mavericks Community Foundation in partnership with the San Mateo Credit Union (SMCU) Community Fund is administering the  It is the sole vehicle where donations can be channeled to address the loss suffered by victims of the mass shooting and their families. This centralized Victims Fund provides grants to individuals regardless of citizenship status. There are no income requirements or lengthy eligibility applications. This fund allows victims and survivors to decide for themselves what they need to cope with and manage their trauma.

The fund is modeled after national best practices and the work of Ken Feinberg who was involved in the creation of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

While the affected families have received immediate basic needs support since the mass shooting incident to help them stabilize, this trauma will impact them for the rest of their lives. Victims and their families continue to need financial support around sudden income loss, ongoing household expenses, staggering medical bills, rehabilitation for injuries and in-home care, not to mention therapy and counseling associated with long-term PTSD.

Please consider making a donation to the Coastside Victims Fund by clicking HERE.

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