Members of the Club heard three great speakers at Sunday’s event. Each organization has a different take on how to make a difference in politics. The Brady Campaign focuses on lobbying for sensible gun laws. Sister District focuses on local elections all over the country to stop Republican gerrymandering which would impact future national politics. Swing Left matches local Democrats with the closest swing district – in our case Congressman Denham. Look for links below with more information.            

(left) Program Committee Chair and host (with Rich Klein) Kathy Klein welcomed guests.

(right) Jill Thomas spoke for Sister District. She and Terri Train are the District Captains for the CA Peninsula. For more information, visit — with Terri Train in El Granada, California


(left) Shikha Hamilton is the National Organizing Manager for the Brady Campaign to prevent gun 

(right) Scott Carlson is the CA10 Events Coordinator. The Republican Congressman in the district, Jeff Denham, won in 2016 by 3 points, even though Clinton beat Trump by 2.5 points. He is very conservative, and volunteers are working hard to improve turnout by every means possible. For more information, go to


(top left) Meg Fried and Mary welcomed guests

(top right) Barbara Lohman, Nancy Marsh and Ric Lohman enjoyed the usual Dems happy hour with snacks and wine.

(bottom) These beautiful ladies are Rita Lynes, Paulette Eisen, Joanne Rokosky, and Ellen Petterson.