On June 2nd and 3rd Club Vice-president Kathy Klein hosted phone banking for two causes. Participants relaxed at the Klein’s beautiful home, enjoyed the view, and made a difference in the election.

One group, organized by April Vargas from the County Committee, made calls to Democrats in CD10. This district was won by Hilary Clinton but is represented by a conservative Republican. There were two Republicans in the race, and six Democrats risking that the two Republicans would take the two top spots. Callers encouraged registered Democratsto go to the polls. They were successful, in that Denham will compete against Josh Harder, a Democrat, in November. Great work!

Other callers supported Nancy Magee for County Superintendent of Schools, in an effort organized by her campaign. At last count, she was slightly behind her opponent.

The Coastside Democratic Club believes that citizen involvement is key to election success.