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Chair’s Letter

May 2020

Dear Democrats,

There is a Dutch proverb that goes, “Everyone must row with the oars he has.”

And during this time of our new “coronavirus normal,” all of us are forced to use what we have on hand in order to adapt & push forward, while attempting to maintain both sanity and productivity. As of this writing, San Mateo County is going in to the 2nd month of shelter in place. We have all had to change, and with change comes struggle, frustration, and eventually, acceptance. We are mourning what was, while attempting to embrace what will be… without actually knowing “what will be” will ultimately look like. There is just no way to know how this whole pandemic will affect politics & elections as we get closer to the single biggest election of our lives in November 2020.

Keep rowing, friends – and read on for ways that you can stay engaged politically, even while sheltering in place.

Virtual House Parties

Looking for a way to help spread the word about the California Democratic Party and our Democratic candidates while sheltering in place?

Think about hosting a virtual house party in partnership with the CDP! All you have to do is invite some of your nearest and dearest Democrats to log on and learn more. The CDP will help train you up, provide topics for discussion, and you’ll be helping Democrats succeed!

The CDP has a goal of holding 1000 virtual house parties across the state. Let’s see if San Mateo County Democrats can do our part(y)!

Find out more at:


Suggestions for Virtual Activism (Even While Sheltering in Place!)

From our SMCDEMS Outreach Subcommittee Chair Eric D Siegel, here are some ways for you to organize and democratize virtually while we are under shelter in place:

CADEM Virtual Take Action Headquarters – phone bank, text bank or organize a virtual house party for candidates all over California at

Sister District CA Peninsula (focuses on state legislature elections) at

Swing Left Peninsula (focuses on congressional and Presidential elections, plus state legislature elections in a few key states) at

Indivisible SF Peninsula and CA-14 (focuses on advocacy and elections) at

Postcards To Voters (focuses on postcard campaigns at all levels of government, and voter registration) at

If you have questions, please reach out to me at


Become an Associate Member

There are lots of ways to support the San Mateo County Democratic Party while sheltering in place, but one very simple way is to join us as an associate member. For $25 per year, you’ll receive all of our e-newsletters and be the first to learn about exciting ways you can help activate Democrats all over California. Simply visit our website:


May Meeting Preview

We will be meeting virtually on May 21st starting at 7:30pm via the Zoom online platform. Our speaker this month will be Kate Gordon, from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research She will discuss how the recession will impact transportation, climate progress and the state’s budget. She will look at what’s in jeopardy and what the administration is learning from the COVID crisis. Ms. Gordon will speak promptly at 7:30pm, and the business meeting will start at 8pm. Members will be sent the Zoom link. Anybody else who would like to attend, please email me at for Zoom info.

Stay safe, stay kind, wear your mask, and wash your hands.

Nicole Fernandez
Chair, San Mateo County Democratic Party

San Mateo County Democratic Party

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