Introduction of an ordinance adding Chapter 5.158 (Minimum Wage) to Title 5 to the San Mateo County Ordinance Code.

Hello Club Members and Friends: I’ve just been notified of an ordinance being considered by the Board of Supervisors to increase the minimum wage in the unincorporated area to $16.50 an hour starting in January, 2023. This rate is consistent with the rate that cities containing 70% of the county’s population have already passed. The ordinance is sponsored by Supervisors Horsley and Pine and they will be hearing it at their meeting this Tuesday, November 15. The agenda item number is 11.
Please take a couple minutes and email them a letter of support. Our essential workers, farm workers and those working in the hospitality and tourism industries are the backbone of the Coastside and they are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in our community because of our high cost of living. This ordinance will help.
Click here for a sample letter that contains all the details. Please copy this letter or draft your own version, paste it into an email, add your name and City/Town at the bottom and send it to:   Put   11.15.22 MTG Item 11 in the subject line.
Here is the link for the agenda but the complete ordinance text is not presented there. Instructions for attending the meeting in person or via zoom are included.
Thanks so much and I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help make positive change in our community.