My own personal engagement with your area of the coast as an elected official is unfortunately limited, and even with my very active involvement with the League of California Cities, I do not know many of the coastal leaders and do not have any such endorsements yet. I do know however that the coastal communities, while sharing many of the concerns the bay communities do in terms of housing and traffic, have some unique issues and perspectives on common issues, and I am eager to learn more about those.

I have been following the issue relating to Vinod Khosla, and support Senator Hill’s efforts in that regard and support the efforts of the community to regain access to the coast, which belongs to us all. And, I applaud the work you and other coastal leaders did to bring about changes to how San Mateo County elects your County Supervisors.

That said, the coastal portions of the 24th Assembly District are an important part of the district and as a candidate, and later as a member of the legislature if elected, visiting the area regularly and meeting to discuss issues and solutions, in addition to all of the regular forms of communication, will be a regular part of my schedule. During my 16 years in local elected office in Mountain View, I’ve prided myself on my accessibility, open door policy and communications with local residents.

As you have seen from my website, I have been very active in water issues through my directorship at the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency and on the Mountain View City Council. I have also been actively engaged in climate change though my activities with Acterra and in the Green policies we have enacted in Mountain View across a wide area of policies.

Finally, I would be delighted to participate in a candidates forum, but as you can imagine, schedules are filling quickly and if you have any proposed dates, please let me know so I can block the time.


Mike brings a long and distinguished record of public service to the people of the 24th Assembly District. Mike was first elected to Mountain View City Council in 1998, serving from 1999 to 2007. Having “termed-out” of office in 2007, Mike took a two-year break from City Council and was again elected by the people of Mountain View to City Council in 2008. Now in the sixth year of his current tenure on City Council, Mike has served Mountain View in this role for a total of 14 years. Mike served as Mayor of the City of Mountain View in 2003 and 2012.

During Mike’s public service in Mountain View, he has been a longtime vocal advocate of affordable housing and policies to help ensure Mountain View is a place where everyday people can afford to live. Mike has worked to balance growth in Mountain View, and has advocated for the housing and transportation systems necessary for a growing economy, a healthy environment, and a high quality of life. Mike pursued a review of the city’s transportation policies and worked to find “win-win” solutions to the issues that face Mountain View.

During his service on Mountain View City Council, Mike has also been a champion for fiscal responsibility, infrastructure development, parks and recreation and quality of life. Prior to being elected to City Council, Mike served for five years on Mountain View’s Parks and Recreation Commission and Environmental Planning Commission.

Mike’s service to the 24th Assembly District goes well beyond his work in Mountain View. Mike has served as a board member for both the National League of Cities as well as for the League of California Cities, where he was president in 2012. Mike’s extensive service on these Leagues has given him an unparalleled rapport and collegiality with numerous lawmakers at all levels of government throughout California. During his time on the League of California Cities, Mike has worked to strengthen relationships between local municipalities and the State Legislature.

Mike also has an un-matched expertise and record of public service in an area critical to the State of California: Water. Notably, Mike has served as Vice Chairman and as a board member of the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, which represents 24 municipalities in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. During his service on BAWSCA, Mike has worked hard to ensure citizens have access to high-quality water from a reliable water supply, at an affordable price.

Mike puts his leadership skills to good use in the non-profit sector on various boards of directors. For over 30 years, Mike has been affiliated with the American Red Cross where he has served in numerous roles including Chairman of the California State Government Relations and Chairman of Chapter Network Support. Mike has also served on the boards of directors of Lewis & Clark College, the Community School of Music and Arts, Hiller Aviation Museum, the Los Altos Community Foundation, Acterra, an environmental non-profit serving Silicon Valley, and Avenidas, a non-profit organization providing services to mid-peninsula older adults and caregivers.

Mike has a Bachelor of Arts from Lewis & Clark College and a Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of the Law. For over 20 years, Mike has been a professional mediator at Dispute Resolution Specialists, a firm he founded in 1993. Mike has served as a mediator and arbitrator for the U.S. District Court and the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Mike has also served as a mediation trainer at the Stanford University and Santa Clara University Schools of Law.

Mike has called Mountain View his home since 1977.