Use your personal accountability to:

Watch your media diet.

I decided to leave journalism when I was told doing negative stories about our station owner or any advertiser on our station was not allowed.


Understand that a victim mentality is a lose-lose. Avoid going there.

I believe the dread that people feel about this administration can be cured with personal accountability because the opposite of personal accountability is “victim” and what is happening now needs victims in order to survive and thrive.


Identify and own what you are FOR. Being expert on what you don’t want doesn’t help.

This administration is expert on where it wants to go. To be effective, Dems have to be expert on where they want to go. We have become experts on what we don’t want. Avoid a steady diet of the echo chamber that enrages you as it makes fun of DT and points out the hideous things taking place.  This click bait can suck you in for hours. It’s funny and weirdly satisfying but it reinforces the helpless feeling.


State clearly where you want to go and what you are for. Pick 3 issues and go there. You are one person that can BE a big difference.

Look for avenues of “like mind” and where you can resist. There is strength in numbers. For example my passion is Voter Fraud. We don’t want voter fraud. Let’s root voter fraud out as Trump wants. He claims millions of illegal votes. Let’s face that, fact find, support an Executive Order to investigate this. It is certain to help in 2018. How certain? The Administration has dropped it as an issue. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and outright lying will all be exposed. ALL citizens want no voter fraud.

Know what the Trump 100 day contract is and says.

It’s possible to head a lot of the unproductive Executive Ordering off at the pass. As one participant said “California is getting a lot of things right with good outcomes.” We Dems are in the majority in the California legislature. When I am going to make a contract with someone I want to trust that they will fulfill it. When they don’t, I look elsewhere. We have to be that “elsewhere” when the time comes. Otherwise we just wasted our time being right not effective.