Coastside Democrats Attend CA State Democratic Convention

Dem conventionLocal residents Fran Pollard, Sabrina Brennan and Barbara Dye attended the state Democratic Convention in San Jose. They were pleased to hear from a whole host of elected officials from the state of California, beginning with a special farewell to Senator Barbara Boxer who will be retiring after 24 years in the Senate. Other speakers included Nancy Pelosi, several Congresswoman, State Treasurer John Chiang, and both candidates for Boxer’s seat, Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez. An especially memorable speech was given by Tom Steyer, prominent environmentalist and philanthropist.

Convention 2

The highlight of the day was an inspiring speech by Vice President Biden. He talked about his view of the role of Democrats in the world, saying “You can’t lead this great country without recognizing what made it great in the first place. And more importantly, you can’t lead America unless you believe in the American people and their capacity to do virtually anything they set their mind to. I mean that sincerely. American has led the world and continues to lead not just by the example of our power but by the power of our example. What these guys don’t get is that we are looked up to in the world because of our values not just our physical power. We cannot define America based on race, ethnicity, religious faith, or national origin. The only way you can define America is by the principles we all believe in.”


steyer 3

Tom Steyer, who has donated large sums to efforts to combat climate change, broadened his scope and talked about income inequality as well as environmental issues.